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Engineering & Manufacturing Capabilities
  • We have set up our own Software company named as Meeka Software Pvt. Ltd. with the help of our sister concern. We have integrated all the departments using ERP software system and with this we are able to track supplied parts with our equipment. We can keep a track previous order and inquiries, and maintain our inventory while reducing delivery time.
  • Solid edge for designing analysis and new designing
  • Fully developed in-house software for designing of cranes and components
  • AutoCAD for drawings
  • We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers who work in coordination to achieve objectives. Our R&D unit helps in the improvement of products.
  • We use CO2 MIG welding machinery for various joints and parts of cranes. Besides, our automatic welding machine helps in welding the box girder simultaneously.
  • Use of software to calculate the strength of Gears

Shop Floor

Meeka has established two manufacturing divisions

  • Unit 1 is spread across an area of 4000 square meter
  • Unit 2 is spread across an area of 10033 square meter
Machinery used includes:
  • Hydraulic machine
  • Portable CNC cutting machine
  • Automatic CO2 MIG welding machine
  • Welding machine
  • Bensaw machine for cutting

Quality Assurance

We follow a strict quality policy to deliver premium quality products to clients

We perform inspection and tests on equipment and parts during the entire manufacturing process

  • Ultra sonic testing: plates, round bars are thoroughly checked for internal cracks or damages
  • Universal testing machine: incoming steel is inspected for its mechanical properties in accordance to specific standards.
  • Material construction testing
  • X-ray for main box girder welding joints
  • High voltage test for electrical panels
  • Hardness test for evaluating the hardness of the material post heat treatment process
  • Load testing facility for the final product, all the equipment is completely tested as per the national and international standards. We possess dead loads up to 150 t.